Bridgehampton Strategy

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor

Financing Innovation



Bridgehampton Strategy Advisors is a commercial finance brokerage and enterprise risk management advisory firm bringing innovative commercial finance solutions and enterprise risk management strategies to science & technology companies, merchants, aviation, government and to commercial real estate  investors. 

As a financial intermediary, we source senior secured debt for middle-market companies for working capital, equipment, rolling stock, and acquisitions. In addition, we help clients to establish and cultivate solid long-term financing relationships with leading financial institutions, commercial credit companies, and alternative lenders. Our product offering for business provides strategy forward debt finance solutions to include revolving lines of credit, term loans, equipment leasing and asset-based lending. 

We also arrange fixed-rate and floating-rate financing options and credit facility for commercial real estate acquisition, construction, refinancing or portfolio rebalancing executions. In addition to multifamily, we focus on other asset classes such as office, industrial, retail, student housing, hospitality, and senior living.

Our enterprise risk management advisory can help your organization strengthen or execute enterprise risk management strategies for identifying and mitigating operating, financial, and compliance risks. Beginning at the vision and policy levels, we work alongside owners and executive management to facilitate strategic thinking and the creation of risk management policies, processes, and procedures.  Our aim is to help clients build financial capacity and a risk aware culture. Being in position to gain access to higher levels of debt financing, while constructing a strategy focused, transparent, and risk aware culture will drive operating results, while reducing uncertainty. 

To find out more about our capital raising capabilities and to advance your organization from a risk management perspective, complete the contact form on the Contact Us page or give us a call.