Bridgehampton Strategy

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor



Working Capital . Refinancing . Recapitalizations . Acquisitions . Growth . Commercial Real Estate.





Raising capital to fuel your organization’s growth, expansion or the acquisition of a target entity requires financing relationships that can provide a high level of financing expertise and excellent client experience with technology platforms capable of streamlining the flow of information between parties and for transaction management when you are flourishing and during unexpected disruptions. 

Having the right financing partners capable of delivering a wide spectrum of financing options and capital structures is critical to maintaining competitiveness in our complex business environment and for the execution of long-range financing strategies. 

In this regard, Bridgehampton Strategy Advisors is more than a commercial finance brokerage. We are partnered with leading financial institutions, insurance companies, and alternative lenders that have made major investments in technology, infrastructure, talent, and products in order to provide our clients with reliable sources of debt and a “first in class” experience when it comes to client engagement. We originate senior secured debt for borrowers having the following: 


· U.S. Based Borrower

· Diversified Revenue Stream

· Strong Supplier Channels

· Cash Flow Positive

· Experienced Management

· Emerging or Market Leader

· Positive EBITDA


· Revolvers (Asset-Based)

· First Lien Senior Secured Loans

· Equipment Leases or Term Loans

· Commercial Real Estate (Office, Industrial, Warehouse, Self-Storage)  


ECHELON - A Merchant Funding Suite

Echelon is a funding platform specifically developed to provide restaurants, hospitality, salons, and medical practices with greater access to alternative financing options. The “Merchant Funding Suite” program is designed to provide loans from $10,000 to $2,500,000 on a short-term basis of 12 to 36 months to merchants that are interested in greater flexibility and fast funding. 

Loans of up to $750,000 can be made without collateral on terms of 12 to 36 months, which can be approved in 24 to 48 hours. The application and funding processes are streamlined and loan repayment options include interest-only and early pay-off features.

Echelon’s unsecured line of credit features 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a six-month period, which allows borrowers to draw down working capital funds as needed. Borrowers can choose to pay interest-only or the flex pay option, which allows borrowers to defer up to 50% of loan principal into the future. Loan funds can be used for a wide range of business expenses including renovations, remodeling, new equipment, marketing, expansion, inventory, etc. And, we can arrange funding nationwide for those organizations that operate multiple locations or entities

Helping organizations to obtain capital, while implementing solutions to critical enterprise risk management concerns through strategic thinking is what we do. An organization's ability to compete at the highest levels demand access to higher levels of capital and insights and actions, from a risk  management perspective, that can  enable them to differentiate from their competitors. The right strategy is essential to long term health and the realization of sustained profitability.