Mark E. Murdock


Mark E. Murdock is a seasoned business strategist and risk management professional focused on advising high growth and regulated businesses to prepare for, and respond to, potential adverse events or business disruption by constructing a strategic and vigorous enterprise risk management agenda. 

Mark has over 25 years of risk management experience within the financial institutions sector, and with government regulatory agencies. An innovative entrepreneur, Mark previously founded and led Vantage Point Capital Advisors, Inc., a bank consulting firm concerned with commercial credit risk management, and later Emissary Risk Analytics, LLC, an enterprise risk management consulting firm. 

As a trusted advisor, Mark has collaborated with the leaders of financial institutions and businesses to think through, formulate, and execute integrated approaches for identifying, measuring, and managing risk across the organization designed to, among other things, protect asset value, reduce uncertainty, and to gain a distinct performance advantage over competitors. In addition, Mark has advised clients on how to recognize the early warning signs of potential events that could weaken their operating position, capacity for growth, or result in financial loss.

Recently, Mark played a key role in the formation and implementation of a global bank’s risk management framework involving “Know Your Customer” (KYC) due diligence. KYC is a critical component of the bank’s enterprise risk management strategy designed to identify, measure, and mitigate global risk exposures connected to domestic and international client selection and client onboarding.