Bridgehampton Strategy

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor

A Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management AdvisorA Commercial Finance Brokerage & Risk Management Advisor

Enterprise Risk Management

Bridgehampton Strategy Advisors is capable of facilitating strategic thinking and the strengthening of your ERM framework to achieve results driven and actionable risk intelligence aimed at giving your organization early warning, deeper insight and greater control over risk exposure. 

Our particular focus is to assist your organization to acquire an elevated view of risk connected to certain operating and financial fundamentals. Building a robust business resilience blueprint that directs readiness for a response to adverse events or that will reduce your overall operating and financial risk exposure is essential to an organizations’ ability to provide uninterrupted product and service channels to its customers. 

As a value-added feature, we can provide expert level “Know Your Customer (KYC)” readiness guidance to clients that want to be fully prepared to engage a funding source’s KYC team for the submission of highly confidential documents and sensitive information that must be presented with financing proposals. KYC is the due diligence process that enables financial institutions to fulfill their regulatory and legal obligations as they relate to onboarding commercial clients and maintaining client relationships. Today, being fully prepared to provide complete information and documents regarding your company’s ownership distribution, operations, and financial structure can positively impact turnaround time for loan funding and will demonstrate your willingness to be a full partner in the relationship. Reducing the risk of not being able to obtain higher levels of financing by being KYC ready should be a high priority when raising capital.

High growth, expanding, and regulated businesses in particular can benefit significantly from long-term strategic thinking with respect to identifying, measuring, mitigating, and managing risk from an elevated perspective. Bridgehampton Strategy Advisors can help your organization achieve those objectives with strong contributions to the following: 


· ERM – Readiness, Response & Recovery Assessment 

· Operational & Financial Risk Assessment 

· Asset Quality & Protection Analysis 

· Vendor Risk Management 


· Governance – Policy Development 

· Business Resilience Strategy 

· Define and Document Risk Appetite 

· Key Risk Indicator Modeling 

· Change Management Communications 

· Code of Conduct Formulation 

· Reputation Risk Review